The Perfect solution for the provision of, ‘Out of Hours’ food service. ‘Dine in’ with a separate built in microwave, or ‘Takeaway’ to eat at your leisure. Offering a fantastic menu – (East Meets West).

The ‘Flavours of the World’s Microwave Ready Meals

The Flavours of the World menu range offers up to 14 meals and 2 sides, offering a budget meal, and the Bistro Express menu offering 9 ready meals, providing excellent value for money for that ‘Grab N Go’ culture in a very busy environment, where staff on night shifts, or who are stuck in a building and do not get the time to get away to grab something to eat.

Both the Bistro Express and Flavours of the World range are fantastic to not only reheat in a microwave from just one and half minutes, or reheated in a saucepan, at work or even at home after a late shift.

From facilities and catering departments prospective, the 24/7 ready meal vendors offer not only a very cost effective ‘out of hours’ provision of hot meals for staff – compared to frozen food vendors (wraps, paninis, slices, burgers, muffins, and ice creams) which are both expensive and take up limited freezer space in many cases.

The ambient ready meals have a shelf life of 9 to 18 months. AN online menu gives you all the allergen and nutritional detail you may require by product (these fall within CQUIN guidelines issued for the NHS).

Branding options with up to 6 models/variations of machines, stand-alone or in vending surrounds

The perfect solution for ‘Out of Hours’ food service

  • Vending Machines Cost effective from as little as £3.99 per day, lease finance packages available over 3,4 & 5 year terms. Six makes and models available.
  • Low maintenance machines with cash and cashless payment systems
  • Meal cost is very reasonable
  • Simple restocking for self fill operation, good profit margins
  • Breaktime can run the machine on your behalf
  • Ambient Meals with up to 12 to 18 months shelf life, no refrigeration required
  • Reduces food wastage
  • Healthy eating with low calories, low fat, lowered salt
  • Vegetarian and Vegan options, Gluten and dairy free recipes
  • Religious requirements with recipes using Halal accredited chicken
  • Offering good portion control and balanced nutrition
  • Caters for allergens, dietary and diverse cultures
  • Emergency back up for staff and visitors covering special dietary requirements outside of normal catering hours
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